Baptiste Louf

Me in front of a very tasteful mural



Box 480, 751 06 UPPSALA

I am a postdoc in the Probability and Combinatorics group of Uppsala University. Before that, I did my PhD at IRIF in the Combinatorics team. My PhD advisor was Guillaume Chapuy.

Here is my manuscript, and the slides of the defense.

With Justine Falque and Matthieu Piquerez, we founded the seminar Combinatoire et Interactions (on hold because of the pandemic).

Research interests

I am interested in combinatorial and probabilistic aspects of discrete geometry. I mainly study combinatorial maps (that are graphs embedded on surfaces), but I also work with other families such as graphs, Hurwitz numbers and constellations. Part of my research also involves algebraic methods, in particular the KP/Toda hierarchies (integrable sets of differential equations) and characters of the symmetric group.

Articles and preprints

Talks (not up to date)