Baptiste Louf

Me in front of a very tasteful mural



Box 480, 751 06 UPPSALA

I am a postdoc in the Probability and Combinatorics group of Uppsala University. Here is a short CV.

I did my PhD at IRIF in the Combinatorics team. My PhD advisor was Guillaume Chapuy. My thesis has been awarded the "Prix de la chancellerie". Here is the manuscript, and the slides of the defense.

Research interests

I am interested in combinatorial and probabilistic aspects of discrete geometry. I mainly study combinatorial maps (that are graphs embedded on surfaces), but I also work with other families such as graphs, Hurwitz numbers and constellations. Part of my research also involves algebraic methods, in particular the KP/Toda hierarchies (integrable sets of differential equations) and characters of the symmetric group.

Articles and preprints

  1. Random partitions under the Plancherel—Hurwitz measure and high genus Hurwitz maps, with Guillaume Chapuy and Harriet Walsh. Short version
  2. accepted to AofA 2022, full version soon on arXiv.
  3. Unicellular maps vs hyperbolic surfaces in large genus: simple closed curves, with Svante Janson. arXiv
  4. Random generation and scaling limits of fixed genus factorizations into transpositions, with Valentin Féray and Paul Thévenin. arXiv
  5. Short cycles in high genus unicellular maps, with Svante Janson, to appear in Annales de l'Institut Henri Poincaré. arXiv
  6. Large expanders in high genus unicellular maps. arXiv
  7. Finding large expanders in graphs: from topological minors to induced subgraphs, with Fiona Skerman. arXiv
  8. Planarity and non-separating cycles in uniform high genus quadrangulations, in Probability Theory and Related Fields. arXiv
  9. Local limits of bipartite maps with prescribed face degrees in high genus, with Thomas Budzinski, in Annals of Probability. arXiv
  10. Local limits of uniform triangulations in high genus, with Thomas Budzinski, in Inventiones Mathematicae. arXiv
  11. Simple formulas for constellations and bipartite maps with prescribed degrees, FPSAC 2019 (short version), full version in Canadian Journal of Mathematics. arXiv
  12. A new family of bijections for planar maps, FPSAC 2018 (short version), full version in Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A. arXiv


  • Annual meeting of the IMS, London
  • Combinatorics seminar, Kraków
  • Groups and dynamics seminar, UTexas
  • Geometry and topology seminar, UMichigan
  • Random geometry, CIRM, Marseille
  • 2021
  • Journées cartes, IRIF, Paris
  • Probability and combinatorics seminar, Uppsala (joint talk with Paul Thévenin)
  • Geometry and topology seminar, Uppsala
  • Combinatorics seminar, UPC, Barcelona
  • Séminaire combinatoire, LaBRI, Bordeaux
  • Journées cartes, CIRM, Marseille
  • 2020
  • Probability and combinatorics seminar, Uppsala
  • Séminaire combinatoire, IRIF, Paris
  • Séminaire combinatoire, ICJ, Lyon
  • Journées combinatoires de Bordeaux, Bordeaux
  • 2019
  • Journées cartes, Polytechnique
  • Séminaire combinatoire, IRIF, Paris
  • AofA, Marseille
  • Probabilités de demain, Paris Diderot
  • Séminaire combi du plateau de Saclay, Polytechnique
  • ALEA Young, Normandie
  • SLC, Curia (Portugal)
  • Journées Aléa, Marseille
  • 2018
  • Journées cartes, ENS, Paris
  • Séminaire combinatoire, IRIF, Paris
  • FPSAC 2018, Dartmouth College
  • Journées Aléa, Marseille